Why every company should embrace enterprise social networking- The Gluemodel way


With progressive companies increasingly looking for ways to collaborate in real-time and remain digitally responsive, Enterprise social networking platforms are increasing in importance. These benefits offered by enterprise social networks will certainly give the enterprises a level up compared to the rest.

  1. Streamlined communication: Enterprise social networking can significantly reduce inbox clutter, replacing time-consuming communications through e-mail threads through concise public or private discussions through internal social networks.


  1. Real time access to important content: This is one of the primary benefits an internal networking platform provides in a scenario where requirements and issues need fast attention. For example, if an employee needs some important document immediately, he can post the request in the network, just as quickly someone else can respond by posting a link to the location of the document


  1. A company knowledge repository: Enterprise social networks provide an all-access platform for important corporate happenings, be it process memos, training materials, or relevant industry news updates- these platforms can help keep all the employees on the same page. In the case of new recruits, becoming familiar with the company policies or the work culture is easier through such platforms.


Why you should choose Glue

Glue in its simplest terms is a platform that that helps you improve collaboration and increase work efficiency within your enterprise. It comes with a suite comprised of many intuitive tools that integrates and simplifies various enterprise functionalities.

Any enterprise is bound to use many discrete services performing various functions. Less collaboration is the key concern here, as using each of these services simultaneously is a tough task. What Glue does here is, it provides a solid platform to bring in all these services together to improve the efficiency of your workforce.

One fine morning, you come into office and find a lot of work to be done for that day, works that require you to collaborate with various resources that the company or your team uses. The project management software, file drives, the calendar services etc that you use daily. Opening multiple tabs and working on those simultaneously is sure to be a cumbersome task. Wouldn’t you really look for a solution that brings all these things under a single roof? And what if the same solution has incorporated entertainment elements as well to save you from the mundanity of work and make your work hours more interesting and engaging? This is exactly what Glue brings you.

No matter how effective a work management platform is, it would fail to keep users completely engaged unless it can provide entertainment elements that social networking sites offer. Glue solves this problem by brings the best of both these worlds under one roof. With the engaging activity feeds, vibrant discussion rooms, opinion polls, and tonnes of other fun elements, you will seldom feel detached from your favourite social networking site. With collaborative work management tools and entertainment elements in perfect balance, Glue will surely be a resource your team will want to use daily.


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